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This body of work, Liquid and Luminosity, is based on the ocean and movement. Painting, for me, is always in flux. It is always changing and is intuitive.  While researching for Liquid and Luminosity, I visited the New England Aquarium to look for glow in the dark fish that have natural phosphorescence which fascinated me because it not only is beautiful, but acts as natural protection to these fish. My goal was to capture that magic - like stars falling to the ground.  As my research progressed, I found I was on a journey of my memories of growing up in New England, near the ocean, Halibut Point, in Rockport, MA and the fireflies, and the phosphorescence I remembered from the freezing cold waters in Deer Isle, Maine. As I painted, these concepts stayed with me, but they began to change and I found myself telling a narrative of underwater landscapes, movement and light.

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