I like to pare down the beauty of nature to minimal complexity.

For me, the intimate process of condensing, eliminating and illuminating is both a creative and intellectual action. My work relies on a strong foundation in drawing and painting, the power of my brushstroke and the peace residing within me while I paint.

The rhythm of my brush communicates nature’s liveliness, freedom and sensuality.

For example, when painting a landscape, I initially transport shapes to either an abstraction or loose rendering. Then working in layers, incorporating transparencies and the honesty of color, I build up, rework, and may even reorganize forms. Sometimes, to further satisfy an eye aesthetic, I decide to turn the painting a different direction to refresh the visual language. My goal is to share an emotional moment that excites the attention of the viewer; and to maintain the relationship between human/man and nature. 

katherine d miller | harrison avenue | studio 411a | boston | ma
phone 781.405.5050 | email info@katherinedmiller.com